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Special glue for rock slab

This product is a two-component modified epoxy adhesive, curing at room temperature, no by-products are produced in the curing reaction, meeting the environmental requirements.
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Appearance and Main Ingredients

This product is a two-component modified epoxy adhesive, curing at room temperature, no by-products are produced in the curing reaction, meeting the environmental requirements.Component A is color thixotropic liquid, while component B is colorless transparent fluid.This product is rich in color, suitable for various kinds of SLATE bonding, sealing.


Product usage

This product is mainly used in the stone processing industry for the processing of SLATE, because of its fast curing speed, high bonding strength, it’s suitable for the splicing of SLATE, filling joints and other treatment.


Physical properties

Performance indicators(23℃)

A component

B component

Before curing


Thixotropic fluid

Transparent fluid







A:B(Weight ratio)


A:B(Volume ratio)


Post-mixing state

Thixotropic fluid

Operation time after mixing rubber


Initial curing time


7 days after curing


Shear strength





Product advantage

1.Resistance to yellowing: can be kept under the sun for 10 years with no color change.

2.Environmental protection:this product has no peculiar smell and is harmless to the body. 0 VOC is released when curing, meeting the national environmental protection requirements.The product has food grade certification, meets FDA 21 and EU 1935 standard, and safe to touch food, free customers from worries.

3.Easy to processing: After curing, the exterior and interior are smooth without pores, avoiding the polishing of secondary glue.

4.Easy to operate :Simple operation, using hose mixing can reduce mixing time, improve working efficiency, At the same time, the gel speed can be adjusted, and can be selected according to customer needs;

5.Easy construction :Has good thixotropy, Meet the construction requirements of plane and elevation.Compared to ordinary epoxy, it can be used at low temperature (5℃).

6.High strength :strong adhesion , waterproof, oil proof.



1. The surface of the adhesive should be kept clean, free from oil and moisture, etc. It is recommended to use 50 mesh dry grinding pad to polish the adhesive Surface, can obtain a better strength, durability parts, after polishing should be carried out a second cleaning treatment.

2. Put the glue bottle into the 2:1 mixing gun, remove the head, install the mixing tube, and make the glue with the putter.

3. After the sizing is finished within the specified operating time, the bonding parts shall be fixed immediately after being applied with the adhesive, use uniform contact pressure until the gel solidifies to ensure the best adhesion effect.

4. After bonding, the bonding parts shall be kept in a static state.Usually it needs takes 45-60 minutes at 23℃ ,then can do next procedure.The lower the temperature , the longer curing time.



1. The glue solution of both components must be sealed and stored, and the glue solution should be sealed in time if not used up.

2. The main ingredient of this product is modified epoxy, which is harmless to human body, but it is not suitable for contact with eyes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with clean water or seek medical advice..

3. Clean the tools immediately after use. The adhesive that has not cured can be scraped or cleaned with acetone.

4. Safety measures in the workplace: gloves, masks, eye shields and other items must be available ,Ventilation must be maintained.


Packaging and storage:

1. packaging specification : 50ml.

2. The product shall be sealed and stored in a dry place away from light at room temperature. The original packaging shall be valid for 12 months.


Management system

This product has passed iso9001:2000 Quality Management System and ISO14001:2004 Environmental Management System certification.


Special statement

This product manual is only responsible for this product. Since there are many factors affecting the product performance in the process of use, some factors can only be understood and controlled by the user, so the user must determine by himself whether this product is suitable for a particular or application mode.

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