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Home decoration adhesive (epoxy pure white type)
Environmentally friendly and odorless, cured with high whiteness, high resistance to yellowing, and high adhesive strength
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Crystal white glue
Crystal white glue is a non flowing two-component product developed with high yellowing resistance resin and high-quality weather resistant mineral fillers.
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Crystal Porcelain Rock Plate Composite Adhesive SA-J110
SA-J110 has high adhesive strength and is suitable for seamless ceramic pots on rock slabs, as well as beautiful seams and splices at 45 ° and 90 ° angles on rock slabs.
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Epoxy pure white AB adhesive

This product is epoxy resin adhesive, made of anti-yellowing curing agent and a variety of high weathering fillers and additives.
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Product description

Product description

This product is epoxy resin adhesive, made of anti-yellowing curing agent and a variety of high weathering fillers and additives.It is suitable for the bonding of stone dry hanging, pure white stone, planting steel and stone tile Mosaic and modeling under the requirement of resistance to yellows.In the metal and metal, metal and stone or ceramic tile, stone and stone, ceramic tile and ceramic tile, metal and concrete, metal and glass can be well bonded (users need to confirm according to their own requirements after the experiment).

Adopt national environmental protection standard gb18583-2001 and jc887-2001 "dry hanging stone curtain wall with epoxy adhesive" standard.

Does not contain the solvent, will not pollute the stone material and the ceramic tile, indoor and outdoor all may construct.

Long storage time, no layering, no caking, easy to stir during construction, no flow.

Not afraid of moisture, can be all-weather construction, after curing resistance to oil, resistance to bad weather, but should avoid strong acid strong alkali and strong solvent for a long time immersion.



Pure white stone paste dry hanging

Request resistance to yellow industry of white stone repair and bonding

A variety of white tiles and white systems are used for building concrete and metal bonding and repair  



Inspection item

Testing index


Smooth and evenly paste, no segregation, particles or gel, A component is pure white paste; B is pure white paste

Pot life min


Press shear strength stone - stone


Press shear strength stone - stainless steel




●Surface treatment: no floating pulp, loose material, dust, oil and grease;

●Slurry preparation: thoroughly mix component A and component B according to the weight ratio of the operation instructions until presenting uniform color;

●Gluing: use a rigid scraper or similar tool to apply the mixed glue paste on the surface of the adhesive for bonding.



● Immediately clean the tools after use, not cured adhesive can be scraping or use acetone cleaning;

● Safety measures at work place: gloves, masks, eye patches and other items must be provided, Ventilation must be maintained;

● If eyes or skin are contaminated during using, rinse immediately with clean water. If feel uncomfortable,Seek medical advice immediately.


Packing specification

● 1.0kg/tin,12tin/ctn;10 kg/group;20 kg/group


Storage and transportation

●Keep in dark and cool place, valid for 12 months;

●Non-dangerous goods, can be transported by car, train, ship, etc.   


Product standard

● JC887-2001


Management system

● The product has passed iso9001:2000 quality management system and iso14001:2004 environmental management system


Special declaration

● This specification is only responsible for this product, As many factors affecting the performance of the product in the process of use , some factors can only be understood and controlled by the user, so the user must determine the product Whether it is suitable for a particular type of application.

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