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Tianhe company is a set of unsaturated resin research and development, production, trade and real estate development as one of the integrated enterprises.Tianhe company now has 4 companies in the resin industry -- zhejiang tianhe resin co., LTD., Shanghai xintianhe resin co., LTD., nantong tianhe resin co., LTD., and zhejiang taizhou chemical materials corporation.Two companies in the real estate industry -- fuzhou hongji real estate co., LTD and linhai tianhe real estate co., LTD. 

Zhejiang tianhe resin co., ltd. is a integrating r&d, production and trade. It is and the secretariat unit of unsaturated polyester resin standard working group.The company has established three production bases in zhejiang, Shanghai and jiangsu, and has set up research and development center, testing center and training center in Shanghai. The main products of the company are unsaturated polyester resin and stone chemical industry.

The company's stone chemical products mainly include marble glue, epoxy dry hanging glue, building reinforcement glue, fluid glue, crystal glue, stone surface glue, super glue and so on.The company has first-class production equipment and testing equipment, the use of nowadays most advanced DCS automation technology control system, the implementation of strict product quality control, to ensure the quality and stability of product performance.In addition to the domestic market, the products are also exported to Europe, southeast Asia, the Middle East and other international markets.

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